I began my career as a workers’ compensation lawyer. At that time, the Americans with Disabilities Act had not yet been passed and it was lawful for employers to refuse to allow employees who had missed time due to work related injuries to return to work, even when they were released to return by their doctors. One of the goals of the ADA was to prevent this practice by employers.  I felt that employees needed an advocate, and shortly after the ADA was passed I became an employment lawyer.

For more than 20 years, I have focused on employment law. I have been recognized for my work, including being named to Super Lawyers in both Colorado and Pennsylvania. My practice is limited to a caseload that allows me to devote the necesary time to maximize the possibility of success on each case.

I am a member of the following professional organizations:

  • National Employment Lawyers Association
  • Colorado Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyers Association
  • Colorado Bar Association
  • Epilepsy Legal Defense Fund
  • American Diabetes Association Advocacy Attorney Network

I am licensed to practice law in Colorado and Pennsylvania. To learn more about me, follow the link below:

Contact me at The Law Office of Ralph Lamar in the Denver, Colorado area at 303-345-3600.